toddlers are essentially just drunk college kids

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"this is your father ….son"

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i want to wear your hoodies and stay up talking about the universe with you until 3 am and i want to hold your hand and kiss your face and hug you when im sad and have marathons of our favourite shows 

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"Naughty but nice" movie poster by John Held Jr.

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     He leaned down and picked up a few pieces of charcoal, a pencil and his scruffy sketchbook. Its spine was brittle and well-worn and about half of the paper had been filled up on both sides. Slender stretches of graphite curled around the yellowed paper, turning and coiling in various animals, plants and other things: each shadow and square of light was intricately etched in with such patience and care!

     ”I know it’s a bit damaged,” he mumbled as he flipped through the pages. “Damaged and ugly—but it’s all I’ve got.”

     ”Well I think it’s lovely.” At his expression of doubt, I smiled. “There’s a certain degree of beauty in damaged things. They have character.”

     ”But who wants something that’s broken?” he asked me. “If it can’t be fixed, it’s just trash. Nobody wants trash. There might be something romantic in destruction, but not decay. Decay’s slow—it happens inside first, and by the time you see it, it’s too late.”

     ”We’re not talking about your sketchbook anymore, are we?” I murmured, and he only shrugged.

Excerpt from Paper Stars by Henna Lucas

Art by me

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What if verbal abuse left the same scars as physical abuse? Would it be taken more seriously? That’s what photographer Richard Johnson hopes to accomplish with his new photo project, “Weapons of Choice.”

The series uses a makeup artist to put bruises and scars on photo subjects. Embedded in these violent marks are some hateful words typically associated with abuse, such as “Stupid,” “Dumb,” “Trash” and others that are much, much worse.

Great art like this is why the line between hate speech & censorship are so important. 

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Some pics of my Sirena repaint. Found some inspiration from glowing deep sea creatures.. :)

And once again, sorry for the back picture quality :D


This is incredible

Best custom ever!
Meilleure custom de tous les temps!

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Creepy Irish Creatures


The lore of supernatural beings in Ireland is unlike that of the rest of Europe in one very important respect: spirit powers in the Emerald Isle have been endowed with names and personalities.

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Some sketches of my favourite Ghibli movies. 

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That was supposed to be just a quick and simple mermaid drawing, but then I did a background. What’s gotten into me?!

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♀ blog ♀

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sailor moon graphic meme: [5/6] friendships/ships

↳chibiusa tsukino and hotaru tomoe

We really are the ultimate duo, Hotaru!

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